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When you need formal, in-house sales training, consider bringing in Chuck Reaves. His tailored approach to training your team insures that the training focuses on only those issues that are most important and relevant to their selling situation. Your training will begin with an in-depth needs analysis and may include lecture, role play, case studies DISC profiles, webinars, media materials and more.

Some of Chuck’s most requested topics are listed below. These are some of the ONSITE SALES TRAINING programs he delivers for organizations like yours.Most topics are divided up into multiple Modules. In fact, Chuck has more than 150 hours of content and develops more new material every month. Sales is changing. SaleSSuiteS is a great resource for you to use in staying up to date with the latest and best sales practices.

In addition to the sales and service topics listed below, Chuck also offers content for sales leaders. CEOs, CSOs, sales executives and sales managers use his materials to organize and compensate their salespeople and their organizations. Vistage, the world’s leading membership organization for CEOs has invited him to speak 700 times and has named hi “Impact Speaker of the Year”.   

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Value-Added Selling

There are two ways to sell: value-added selling and commodity selling. The difference is profit! Selling on value brings higher revenues and higher profits while building stronger relationships with customers. Of course value-added selling requires greater expertise, more professionalism and tact. The rewards are enormous.

KAIZEN for Sales

Would you like for your next sales call to be better than the last one? Would you like to shorten your sales cycle? At the same time, would you like to reduce your selling costs? That’s what KAIZEN for Sales can do for you. It is the way we bring the Lean process into sales.

Executive Level Selling

Need to sell to the top levels in your client organizations? There is an effective way of selling to C-Level. Of course there is a wrong way as well. When you understand the principles and techniques of selling to the highest levels, you will be even more effective in all of your sales calls.

Customer Servicing

How much additional revenue and profit could your customer service efforts generate? Have you considered making your customer service department a profit center? Since everyone is in sales, why not give all of your customer-facing employees the skills and tools they need to help your customers buy even more from you?

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